*For more details, please check Terms of Service and policies. 

Section 1: Issues related to orders

Q: I added an item to my cart, but when I tried to pay, the item was no longer there.

A: When an item has been placed in the cart, it is not removed from our stock. Only once payment is finalized is your item secure.

For instance, if two people put the last item in stock into their cart at the same time, the first person to finalize the payment will receive the item, said item will disappear from the other person's cart when trying to finalize payment.

Q: I did not receive a confirmation email.

A; Frequent issues with emails and their solutions

・The email address you registered when ordering is incorrect.

→ Please email us with your correct email address.

・ The confirmation email was incorrectly marked as spam.

→ Please alter your mail settings so that emails ending in "bushiroad.com" can be received normally.

・The e-mail address before the @ mark looks odd.

→ Please consider using a different email address or contacting your email provider.


Q: Please send multiple order numbers together.

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to bundle multiple order numbers.


Q: Can I specify a delivery date?

A: We cannot specify specific delivery dates when fulfilling an order. Please take a look at your confirmation email for more information on how to contact your delivery provider.


Section 2: Issues related to returns

Q: My clothes do not fit, can I exchange them?

A. We cannot exchange the products after purchase for sizing issues. Please check the size carefully before purchasing. Information about sizes can be found in the description of each item.


Q: I received a defective product.

A. Please contact us via email about the defect with item name and details. We will exchange it with a non-defective item or refund after we have confirmed the defect. Please note that this is limited to the items that were received within one week and are unused.

Some items may not be available for the exchange due to the limited availability. In that case, we will refund you. 

Q: I would like to return my item for another reason.

A. We can only accept returns in the case of defects. Thank you for your understanding.


Q: I'd like to exchange (or return) an item I bought at an event because the size is incorrect.

A. We only accept returns or exchanges on site for the items that were purchased at the event. 


Section 3: Issues related to specific items

Q: Please let me know when items are restocked.

A. We cannot inform you when individual products are back in stock. Please stay tuned to Bushiroad Global Online Store social media and the official website for more information.


Q: What size are the clothes?

A. If the vendor of the product is by Bushiroad USA, the T-Shirts conform to standard American sizes. Any other products will be Japanese sizes.

The dimensions of each size is posted in the description column of each product, so please refer to them.

Japanese standard sizes are typically around half a size smaller than their Western equivalents.

Q: I saw an item on the Bushiroad Online Shop but it is not on Bushiroad Global Online Shop. Can I buy it?

A. If the product is not listed on Bushiroad Global Online Shop, it is not available through our website. The items may be added in the future, so please stay tuned to Bushiroad Global social media and the official website for more information.