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Cardfight!! Vanguard 10th Anniversary Gift Box

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[Product Description]
Contains the following:

  • 1x Special Card Loader
  • 4x Booster Packs of VG-D-BT05「群雄凱旋」(Japanese Edition)
  • 1x Short Storage Box (3 types)
  • 1x Deck Holder (3 types)
  • 1x 10th "RRR" PR Card (3 types) (Japanese Edition)
  • 1x Pack of Memorial Sleeves (53 pcs) (5 types)

1 of 3 types of Design Variations (Randomly Distributed):

  • "Majesty Lord Blaster" Set
  • "Dragonic Overlord the End"
  • "Phantom Blaster Overlord"

1 of 5 types of Memorial Sleeves (Randomly Distributed):

  • "Descent of the King of Knights" (BT01)
  • "Onslaught of Dragon Souls" (BT02)
  • "Demonic Lord Invasion" (BT03)
  • "Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows" (BT04)
  • "Awakening of Twin Blades" (BT05)

■ The product type is distributed at random and cannot be selected by the customer.